Hijab for women: Discover Islamic fashion for modern women

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Muslim women around the world are proud of their identity and their religion plays a vital role in their lives. The Women's Hijab is an excellent statement of style and religious identity for many Muslim women. It reflects their personality and values, and also helps them maintain their modesty.

The women's hijab is an important part of their fashion sense, and is rooted in Islamic tradition. With the rise of fashion designers introducing new and modern hijab styles, such as the well-known hijab brand Ayna Design , the modern Muslim woman has a wealth of options to choose from.

In this article, we will talk about the latest fashion trends in women's hijab. We will go over the different styles, colors and fabrics that are popular among Muslim women today.

The hijab, which means "to cover" in Arabic, refers to the covering of the body. Encourages Muslim women and men to dress modestly and cover their bodies according to the guidelines of their religion. The concept of hijab is not exclusive to women; Men also have hijab guidelines.

Hijab colors and fabrics

One of the most attractive features of the women's hijab is the unique colors and fabrics available for the garment. The variety of fabrics allows women to choose a hijab that not only matches their outfit, but also the occasion. Among the most famous fabrics are chiffon , georgette , jazz and jersey fabrics that we can find in the well-known modest clothing brand Ayna design .

hijab jersey

Most hijabs are made of silk, cotton and polyester. The most common colors for women's hijabs are black, white and light mocha (beige). Some women prefer bright colors and prints, while others prefer monochrome looks.

hijab styles

There are many styles of women's hijab available. From the classic traditional look to more modern and current styles. The most popular styles are:

1. The Traditional Hijab

Also known as "Al Amira", it is the simplest type of hijab and consists of two pieces: a cap that fits over the head and a tubular scarf that goes over the cap to cover the neck and shoulders.

2. The square hijab

This type of hijab consists of a square-shaped scarf. The scarf is folded into a triangle and placed over the head. The two sides are worn around the head and secured with a pin or brooch.

3. The Turkish hijab

The Turkish hijab consists of a long rectangular scarf that is wrapped around the head and neck several times, leaving the front part of the scarf loose.

4. The Shayla hijab

This style of hijab is similar to the traditional hijab, but with a longer scarf that can be draped over one shoulder. This type of hijab covers the head and extends to the waist or lower. It is usually worn with a niqab, which is a facial veil that covers the eyes, nose and mouth.

Hijab forms

The women's hijab can be styled in many ways to match different outfits and occasions.

1. The simple way

The easiest way to wear the hijab is to place it over your head, making sure to cover your hair, ears and neck.

2. The enhanced shape

This style involves wrapping the scarf around the head and securing it with a pin or brooch. This style provides more coverage and is great for formal occasions.


In conclusion, the women's hijab is an important part of the faith and identity of the Muslim woman. It is a statement of modesty, sophistication and elegance.

There is an abundance of styles, colors and fabrics available for the hijab, providing Muslim women with a sense of empowerment and individuality.

The women's hijab is not a symbol of oppression, but of freedom and equality. We hope this article has given you an idea of ​​the latest fashion trends in women's hijab and inspired you to explore the various styles available.

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